Monkeys are smart. Though they haven't created cars or trains or weapon, they are educated through simplicity. They flourish on what they have, and if something doesn't work, they don't give up, but they evolve to overcome it. Like monkeys, Shakespeare had no thesaurus, no dictionary, no laptop and no editor. But when he came to a spot where he was at loss for words, he made up his own words. Through practice, perseverance and certainly trial and error, he created works that will last forever.

I am a 13 year old kid who is trying to read and attend live performances of all 37 Shakespeare plays (plus 3 possible collaborations) in 2 years. This is a record of my experiences.

I am now a 19 year old college freshmen at Northwestern University, pursuing a degree in Theatre. The spark of love for Shakespeare that began this blog has grown into a roaring fire. That fire burns a little bit brighter each day. This is where it all began.


Monday, July 12, 2010

Othello, July 8, 2010, American Shakespeare Center, Staunton, VA.


     The ASC’s production of Othello was on Thursday, July 8, 2010. The production was in the Blackfriar’s playhouse. It was about 102 degrees F. when we arrived in the garage. I had been contacted Sarah Enloe (my contact there) who sent me pictures for this post. I would like to thank her for all the help. She’s made finding pictures for me so much easier.

     This production had many good points! The minor characters really delivered. Montano, Barbantio, Cassio, Emilia and Rodrigo all delivered solid performances. Montano was very regal. He carried himself like a king, honor added the stars that his title excluded. Barbantio was possibly the best actor out there. His rage was uncontrollable when he heard of Desdemona’s love. He was a real angry father figure. Cassio was strong and honest. This is important for his character (see paragraph 4).

     Emilia is sexy, mocking, and homely. She had real chemistry with all the other players, whether it the relationship was hostile or loving, it was obvious why they felt that way. Last Rodrigo was very preppy at the start. I thought this was the mark of a bad portrayal. But instead it accented his transformation into a savage.

     Othello was a little angry in the early acts. But as the play progressed he became more of a monster. His transformation wasn’t complete, because he was not  extremly calm in the early stages. But he grew more into the role throughout the play. Iago was so emotional,  he seemed to lose control. In my oppionion Iago;'s power over other characters stems from his disarmingly smooth and controlled exterior. His true colors should only flash by in the speeches. There, the solitude and serenity of being alone excites him  And Desdemona was innocent, which was convincing. But she didn't show allot of emotion. She seemed a bit worn out. 


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