Monkeys are smart. Though they haven't created cars or trains or weapon, they are educated through simplicity. They flourish on what they have, and if something doesn't work, they don't give up, but they evolve to overcome it. Like monkeys, Shakespeare had no thesaurus, no dictionary, no laptop and no editor. But when he came to a spot where he was at loss for words, he made up his own words. Through practice, perseverance and certainly trial and error, he created works that will last forever.

I am a 13 year old kid who is trying to read and attend live performances of all 37 Shakespeare plays (plus 3 possible collaborations) in 2 years. This is a record of my experiences.

I am now a 19 year old college freshmen at Northwestern University, pursuing a degree in Theatre. The spark of love for Shakespeare that began this blog has grown into a roaring fire. That fire burns a little bit brighter each day. This is where it all began.


Friday, April 30, 2010



Rick Miller did something hilarious… he combined two un-combinable things; Macbeth and The Simpsons. HE did a one man show where he adapted Macbeth into a Simpsons rippoff! Is saw it tonight at McCarter Theatre. It was 1 hour 15 minutes with no intermission.  It worked very well for him, being a total nutcase. He imitated just a bout all the characters, and danced around the stage while doing it. He also added a hilarious skit at the end, impersonating ‘the 25 most annoying voices in music.’ It was outrageous, offensive, and downright risible. It was very cool to be there and watch him do his thing in his environment. D'OH!



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